Code of Excellence
To succeed in today’s competitive electrical industry; we must always do your utmost to be the best electricians within the industry for all we have to sell is our skills.  As the leaders in the electrical industry, we are responsible for being the most professional, most skilled, and most productive electricians.  Actions speak louder than words when we are on the jobsite in the view of our customers.   The Code of Excellence was meant to help make certain we illustrate our high quality of workmanship on the jobsite so that it prompts that customer to call on the IBEW again in the future.

What is the Code of Excellence?
A program to improve our worker’s attitudes and productivity on the jobsite, thereby making us more productive and creating more work opportunities for our workers.

A program to help our workers cope with the everyday problems that develop on our jobs in a manner that is acceptable to our customers and employers

A program to remind ourselves that we work for customers and our future work is dependent upon their satisfaction.

Why a Code of Excellence?
Elimination of problems on IBEW jobs

IBEW Local Union Responsibilities:
Thinking about costs and doing your part to control them
Taking pride in quality workmanship
Following directions from foremen and supervisors
Being ethical and honest at all times
Practicing safe, smart work habits

Employer Responsibilities:
Proper management of material and tools can reduce non-productive time.
Having the adequate tools and material.
Effective Supervision can improve efficiency & morale.
Cost effective skill mix
Safe work environment

Provide customer satisfaction
The goal of the “Code of Excellence” is a job built on time, under budget, and built right the first time.

The IBEW Advantage:
Safety conscious employees help reduce workers compensation exposure
Local area skilled “manpower pool”